The Saga of World War Fae

Our world is lost… We are deafeated… What Hope do we have?

Embark on a captivating journey with me as I lay the brushstrokes of the mesmerising canvas of World War Fae – a monumental endeavour seamlessly blending art and narrative. Immerse yourself in a world dominated by the Mabinogian Council, a formidable assembly of fae goddesses, ensnared by the relentless Morrigan. Her unwavering determination seeks to restore our world, transforming it back to its former splendour. While she may not be inherently malevolent, her ruthlessness knows no bounds, with countless subjects unwittingly entangled in her desire to reshape the realm.

Witness the resurgence of mythical heroes and legends emerging from the forgotten tales, ready to defy the Morrigan’s dominion. Yet, they remain without the inherent strength of the natural world. Can the elusive force be uncovered? Will she stir from her enduring slumber?

Delve into the enchanting epic – this is the saga of World War Fae, where art and narrative converge to tell a tale that transcends time. Join me on this odyssey of magic, rebellion, and the quest for the essence of the natural realm.

Nature ~ the weapon of the fae • Technology ~ the weapon of humanity

Magic ~ nurturing, binding, corrupting & uniting them all

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