What Lies Beneath – The illustrated book

Published on: 15 December 2022
By worldwarfae

As we approach the end of 2022 I can look back on the year with a little bit of pride. It is my first full year having attended a number of faerie festivals and conventions and all of them have been a great success.

Finally having the chance to talk to all of you in person it really is a pleasure to be confident that World War Fae has been very well accepted and so I can now push forward towards bringing out the first book.

What Lies Beneath will follow the journey of Kuliltu the mermaid, this feisty young warrior of the clan will embark on a journey of revelation and betrayal that will change her forever, her story will open up some of the wider ecological context of the world that is World War Fae.

I have a few months now going into early ’23 to work on a collection of new art pieces that will become part of the illustrations throughout the book. They will be primarily watercolour originals with some digital touches for production purposes, of course the originals and prints will be available through my commercial website www.seancounley.com and you will be able to get early insights through my Patreon and YouTube channel.

I really look forward to having you along on this journey – you can register a no obligation interest for the book on Kickstarter.

Thank you so much!

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